Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stupid blogger

Something is majorly screwed up with blogger, so that tons of people have been unable to upload images, yours truly included. And since blogger MUST be busy with something more important, such as saving the world from monsters or defeating evil, so much so that no one bothered to respond to the flood of complains, there will be no post until blogger gets off its ass. I am truly sorry, because I have a reservoir of pictures and posts dying to get out =(


Fl said...

heyy, i was just googling for singaporean DBs, and im quite surprised to see that there are a few DBs in singapore.
haha, nice to meet you btw :D


Fl said...

mmmh, i just googled "Daring Bakers" and "singaporean" and there were a few links, i guess?
i've already joined, but i was kinda "late" and i missed the deadline )):
so i didnt make it for the july challenge!
what's being a DB like?
i've been wanting to join since two years ago, but i didnt have enough time, skills ect..