Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Take solace

One of my regular reads is Tea's poetic blog, tea & cookies. Its usually about Tea's life and her kitchen adventures. I like it because Tea somehow have this peaceful quality to her, as if even if she doesn't have all of life's answer, she's happy to contemplate them quietly. Besides which, she's an amazing writer, cook and photographer.

But today, her latest post, No words, gave me pause, and also prompted a response in me.
While not denying the seriousness of such issues, I truely feel that one should never allow oneself to wallow in them. I am not saying that Tea is wallowing, or negating how spot on she is about the issue.

But sadness paralyses. I think food blogging brings out all that is good and worthy in this world, and good things should not be stopped just because tragic and horrifying things are happening elsewhere.

So take solace, Tea. Food blogging brings appreciation to food. It brings the understanding that its quality, not quantity that counts. Most of all, it brings respect to food. Each and everyone of the food bloggers' esteem for food grows with every single post, and hopefully it grows in their readers as well. We are a positive force for this terrible problem, and we should all fight on.

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