Monday, January 7, 2008

The justification post

Here we go, following good old tradition laid down from my very first diary, foisted upon me by my mother, with her "you should have a / be a [fill in the blank]". In this case, I'm referring to my mom's idea that it would be a good idea for me to have a diary, since that's what good children do, write diaries, along with joining the girl guides [if you are a girl] and writing letters and blah blah blah. I'm not going to do the whole passe thing about blaming my mother for everything that's screwed up with my life, not now anyway, since I'm drifiting from my point.

And, the point is, every time I start a diary [including this one; I know its a blog, but that's basically a virtual diary right?], there comes a point where my initial enthusiasm for writing in it starts to wane, and I actually feel guilty and write 'justification posts', in which I justifies [yes, I know, to an inanimate object made of blended up trees and possibly cancer causing ink] why I haven't been writing. And, when I finally can't even be bothered with 'justification posts', the guilt somehow lingers. It may be impossible to see, but I assure you all the ghosts of every diary I've ever abandoned is haunting me.

Which is why I'm trying to stop abandoning this diary. This may not sound very promising to anyone who's reading, but I really am trying my best.

And here comes the justification: school's starting! And when school starts I'll be lucky to get time to breathe, normally, I mean, not the panicky-essay-due-and-I'm-so-screwed kind of breathing that's par for semesters. One thing though, I do have another post coming up, as I'll be baking up a batch of cookies for Geraldine before my last day at Freeflow, so that'll be something to see.

On a random note, I found myself craving the strangest thing yesterday. It began normally enough. It was only a short hour after lunch, which means I have no business feeling hungry, but I do. I couldn't fathom what exactly it was that I craved, so I ran through the usual list: Chips? Chocolates? Ice Cream? Soft drinks? Iced Coffee? Cookies? Cake? None of them felt right, and then it hit me. I wanted a salad. I am not joking, and I have to say this has never happened before and to say I'm stunned is to put it mildly. I am by no means a health nut, and would shoot anyone who insinuates such a travesty. Yet there it was.

Cautiously, to be sure I had not misread the signals my stomach was sending towards my brain, I made myself a salad, deciding that the only way to prove or disprove my conclusion was to eat a salad and see if my cravings were appeased. Lo and behold, it was! For the first time in my life, my stomach lusted not after something fat and sinful that I shouldn't have, but a healthy, tasty salad my mother would have been very proud of.

This is revolutionary, to say the least. I have not yet absorbed the full implications of this, event, yet, and I will be sure to share any other revelation I chance upon.

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