Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love waffles, and my earliest memories of waffles were those from A&W. Till today, my mom still insists that no other taste better than A&W's, but since the chain no longer operates in Singapore, there's nothing to compare to.

I dislike eating waffles outside, because they almost never taste good. They are either soggy, or taste of baking powder, or too sweet, or just not good, not crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

My own attempts to make waffles have also frequently ended in disaster, but those days are over, because I found a great waffle recipe!

A few tips about waffle-making:
  • Pay close attention to the amount of steam coming out of your waffle maker to determine when to remove the waffle. Right at the beginning of the cooking time, loads of steam will be emited. When the steam slows down to a gentle stream, that's when to remove the waffle. It also depends on how brown you like your waffles to be
  • Mix with a whisk. Actually, this applies to all things. Whisks mix really well!
  • Don't fill the waffle maker to the edges. Drop the batter in the middle, close immediately and tip the waffle maker to spread the batter around instead.
  • If you want to try other recipes, always use one where the egg whites are beaten and folded in separately. It's just not the same without =)
My mom made a banana chutney to go with these waffles, but I think they are sooo good, its great to eat just with honey/syrup and butter/margarine!
Also, leftovers make such a great snack [toasted, with some chocolate chips thrown on, a drizzle of honey...], so don't worry if you can't finish one batch!

Recipe from Mr. Breakfast =D


1 and 3/4 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 beaten egg yolks
1 and 3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup vegtable oil

3 egg white, beaten stiffly

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients, set aside
  2. Combine all the wet ingredients, except for the egg whites. Add vanilla extract if you want, I think it makes the waffle so much better =)
  3. Combine dry and wet ingredients. Beat away, no need to be gentle
  4. GENTLY fold in the egg whites.
  5. Cook in the waffle maker. Done!


Jennifer said...

Now that is one very crispy waffle! just how I LOVE them!!!

Nanciful said...

I.LOVE.WAFFLES. Are those heart shaped too! Awesome!

Justine said...

they looks so tasty! maybe that's why the were on tastespotting : )

stephchows said...

Look and sound fabulous!! I never knew A&W served waffles!

Mrs Erg├╝l said...

Geez! I have always wished to have a waffle maker!! Those from Prima Deli always smell so good because they added coconut milk to their batter.

Me! said...

oooh those look good. maybe i'll dig out my waffle maker tomorrow morning

Za said...

Nice to meet another Singaporean food blogger! And yes, I do miss those A & W waffles, and now the Prima Deli pandan waffles because I'm overseas. Stumbled on your blog when I was searching for Prima Deli type waffle recipe.

Barbie Chiu said...

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